About Cloud Data Center Strategies

Cloud infrastructure is everywhere, and the data center is rapidly evolving.  Considerations for performance, time, space, experience and sustainability will drive data center strategies that are reliable, scalable, flexible and efficient.  Silverlinings Cloud Data Center Strategies free virtual event will explore multi-cloud networking and the data center, SmartNICs and the edge, high-speed optics, and data center security challenges and solutions.



11:00AM - 12:15PM ET

Multi-cloud networking and the data center 

11:00AM-11:15AM: Introduction with Liz Coyne, Silverlinings; Keynote with Mauricio Sanchez, Dell'Oro Group

11:15AM-11:30AM: Partner Keynote - Pranav Dharwadkar, f5

11:30AM-12:15PM: Panel Discussion

Deploying apps, accelerating apps, securing distributed workforces and ensuring data sovereignty are just some of the trends driving enterprises to adopt a multi-cloud strategy. However, the challenge of managing services across multiple clouds is magnified when multiple data centers are involved.

During this session you will learn: 

  • How enterprises solve the challenges of managing multi-cloud services across multiple data centers.
  • How much you should worry about the location of your data (Hint, it’s a lot.)
  • How to be confident about the performance and reliability of a multi-cloud, multi-data center environment

2:00PM - 3:15PM ET

Intelligence and speed at the edge 

2:00PM-2:15PM: Introduction with Liz Coyne, Silverlinings; Keynote with Jishnu Kinwar, Chamberlain Group

2:15PM-2:30PM: Partner Keynote - Kevin Cochrane

2:30PM-3:15PM: Panel Discussion

Networks are changing as organizations embrace cloud and edge computing strategies to deliver robust applications that can meet strict performance and latency requirements necessary in our experience-first world. Virtualization and disaggregation and the move to containerized microservices has resulted in new and complex traffic patterns within and across data center hosts. This shift has led to the need to extend networking (L2-L7) to the server through DPU-powered smart network interface controllers (SmartNICs) and create exciting possibilities for networking and security.  

This session will cover: 

  • The virtualized edge, what it is and its benefits 
  • SmartNICs, DPUs and other ingredients necessary for increasing network performance 
  • How to make programmable networks a reality